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Married & Exploring Sexuality with Kinky Fuckery

Stuff that makes us tick sexually! Some are things we like to see, some are things we've done, some are things we will do! Posts from her will begin with (S), from him with (M). If you want to see our personal pictures you can search (S), (M), or marriedexplorers.

We'll always try to describe what we like about a post. We're into all kinds of things, as you'll see.

DISCLAIMER: Mostly NSFW blog. <18? Go the fuck away, please. Immature and trolling? Go the fuck away, please.

None of the pictures are our own, unless stated, but are simply shared via re-blogging on Tumblr.
(S) I think (M) needs to manhandle me like this!  :)

(S) I think (M) needs to manhandle me like this! :)

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autumnfalls18 asked: Do the two of you still make out regularly? My hubs and I have been married for 4 years and no matter how many times I talk to him about it, I can't get him to realize that making out is necessary for my self-esteem, no matter how silly it sounds.

There is absolutely nothing silly about that! Having that deep connection is necessary in the relationship. I think we all lean towards “needing” something. Specifically for me, it’s a need to feel and be wanted. I want to feel like (M) had to have me, needs me, wants me, can’t keep his hands off me, etc, etc. We probably don’t make out as often as we should, especially during sex. I mean, having a make out session pre sex gets you going and produces amazing orgasms. But hey, life and work wear you out sometimes and you just have to go with the flow.
We always have a close physical connection. We’re extremely flirty, kissy, huggy, and verbally appreciative pretty much non stop. So we’re not missing out on a damn thing.
How have the conversations went with your husband? Maybe we can offer some advice, but we’ll need a little more to go off of.

avengethesuperwholocks asked: Yes he has mentioned the bad experience (yeast infection :/ ) quite a few times & he says that he loves doing it. But we actually have talked it out this past weekend & he is going to work through his own issues with it and focus more on reciprocating & well lets just say last night he definitely focused on me a whole lot more than he use to :D so thanks for the advice I appreciate it. Also your blog has really opened my mind up to trying new things that I never thought I would enjoy! So thanks!

Ehhhh gotcha! I hope it works for for the best ;)

(M) Word&#8230;

(M) Word…

avengethesuperwholocks asked: Love your guys blog was wondering if I could get some advice from you two. My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months. He's the only guy I've ever been with. I love going down on him & he knows this, the only problem is he doesn't return the favor or even finger me. He also knows I've never experienced it. He claims to have had a "bad experience" but sometimes when I ask he says he's afraid of falling for me even harder than he already has. (commitment issues) Any suggestions?

Wow…this first reply is from (M). I think that “falling for you harder than he already has” is probably the weakest excuse I’ve ever heard about not reciprocating oral sex.  I’m not even sure what advice to give on that after reading it. Sounds like major commitment issues, yes, but FIRST it smacks of big time SELFISHNESS issues.

Well I, (S), think that it’s total bullshit. I can’t think of ONE single reason why licking your pussy would have anything to do with his feelings about your relationship. The fact that he’s even using a sexual act as a basis for his commitment level is a major red flag.

Bad experience; this is possible. Has he told you the “bad experience”? Is it something you two can work through? Is he even willing to? 

Well, YOU have a few choices: either continue to talk with him and try to open him up to new experiences with you, take him as he is, or get out of the relationship and find someone better suited for you. Personally, just from what you’ve said in the note, I would take the third option. There isn’t anything that you’ve stated that lends any credibility to the guy.

Three ways to win a lady’s heart:

1. Make her food
2. Make her cum
3. Let her nap

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(M) Sounds reasonable to me…

(S) She looks like she&#8217;s having a grand time. Lol, I bounce around like this when I&#8217;m happy too.

(S) She looks like she’s having a grand time. Lol, I bounce around like this when I’m happy too.

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(S) I wouldn&#8217;t mind talking on the phone all day at work if (M) was helping out ;)

(S) I wouldn’t mind talking on the phone all day at work if (M) was helping out ;)

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